Examples of the Fickle Nature of the British Shopper

As a professional shopper (OK, housewife) I spend a lot of time in supermarkets. I am always amused and surprised at the items other shoppers change their minds about and dump randomly throughout the store.

This blog is an attempt to document what I find.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Milky Earrings

Friday, 28 October 2011

Shrek the what?

Hallow'een is nearly upon us and this confused shopper couldn't decide on whether to buy a Shrek pail for their kid to store their spooky sweeties or a bottle of coke. Looks like the bacardi chaser won the day!

Princess Fiona and Shrek battle the evil coke can.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Cushiony Softness

Britain is a nation of dog lovers. We are known for our love of all things cute and fluffy and supermarkets make not a small part of their profit by exploiting that very sentiment. We can buy food as kibble, in cans, in pouches and in trays. There are shampoos, flea treatments and a range of biscuits and dog chews all there to tempt the indulgent owner.

And there are toys.

At Tesco today someone must have been tempted by this pink latex pig which instead of squeaking like a regular dog toy, makes a rather realistic grunting noise. They may have put it in their trolley, thinking all the while how much their dog would love it, what games they will play together. But wait! What's this? Toilet tissue? Of course, they needed to replenish the toilet paper so it looks like the dog lost out.

Designer Piggy Toilet Tissue

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Boots And Beer

You have trawled all the way upstairs at Tesco (no mean feat as the travelator isn't working today so you'd have had to trudge round to the one and only customer lift) and spent at least a few minutes looking at all the footwear on offer. Shall I have the brown leather loafers, the pink pumps or maybe just the fluffy green slippers? Then you see them, the only piece of footwear that will satisfy: a pair of brown faux-suede & sheepskin boots. Down in the lift you go, boots sitting proudly in your trolley.  There they stay, past the fruit & veg, the cooked chicken and the freezer section. But then..... it's beer on special offer.  What do you do? Why, you fickle-minded shopper, you put the boots down and pick up some Tennants Lager instead.  Of course you do!  Hey, faced with the same dilemma, which of us wouldn't have done the same?  And here is the evidence.

(Photographed at Tesco, Inverurie on Sunday Feb 28th 2010)

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