Examples of the Fickle Nature of the British Shopper

As a professional shopper (OK, housewife) I spend a lot of time in supermarkets. I am always amused and surprised at the items other shoppers change their minds about and dump randomly throughout the store.

This blog is an attempt to document what I find.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Cushiony Softness

Britain is a nation of dog lovers. We are known for our love of all things cute and fluffy and supermarkets make not a small part of their profit by exploiting that very sentiment. We can buy food as kibble, in cans, in pouches and in trays. There are shampoos, flea treatments and a range of biscuits and dog chews all there to tempt the indulgent owner.

And there are toys.

At Tesco today someone must have been tempted by this pink latex pig which instead of squeaking like a regular dog toy, makes a rather realistic grunting noise. They may have put it in their trolley, thinking all the while how much their dog would love it, what games they will play together. But wait! What's this? Toilet tissue? Of course, they needed to replenish the toilet paper so it looks like the dog lost out.

Designer Piggy Toilet Tissue

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